Kwakiutl District Council Health (KDC Health)

The mission statement is based on the traditional value and belief that our purpose in life is about “servitude” or “helping our people.” In order for us to fulfil that role, it requires us, individually, to be the best leader that we can be, in order to truly be in the place of “helping our people.” This is the cornerstone or foundation of our way of life – the potlatch. The mission statement is further based on the belief that we respect and honour people and deliver services and programs maintaining the dignity of the people we work with.

Programs Offered

Community Health Representative

Meetings and workshops aimed at promoting health and preventing health problems

  • Education for community members regarding: maintenance of wellness, communicable diseases, their causes and how to prevent them, maintaining a safe and healthy physical environment, environmental issues, mental health issues
  • Education for groups and/or individuals of all ages regarding ways to achieve and maintain good health in the areas of: nutrition, dental hygiene, pre and post natal, parenting skills, accident prevention, stress management, growth and development for infants and children
  • Home visits for elders, pre/post natal, people living with diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic illnesses
  • Support, first aid and referrals for counselling at special community events such as funerals, cultural and recreational activities
  • Referrals to appropriate programs

Home and Community Care Program

  • Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Home care nursing
  • Personal care
  • Home support
  • In home respite services

Precious Beginnings Program

  • A program based on mentoring of women at risk
  • Mentors are well-connected to the communities and provide long-term support, practical assistance and advocacy for women who are making fundamental changes in their lives
  • The program serves high-risk women using alcohol and/or drugs during pregnancy and their families
  • Eligible women live in the KDC Member Nation communities of Kwakiutl, Mamalilikulla, Da’nanxda”Xw, We Wai Kum, Kwiakah, and Komox Nations

Community Health Nursing

  • Infant and preschool immunization
  • Immunization of Adults
  • Yearly flu and pneumococcal immunization clinics
  • Health promotion and disease prevention to the community
  • Communicable disease prevention and follow up
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster planning
  • Community nutrition
  • Prenatal education
  • Head Start and school hearing and vision screening
  • Regular checkups of well elders and well chronic disease clients

Clinical Counselling

  • Individual therapy, Marital and family counselling, Parenting, Mediation and conflict resolution, Dealing with issues of abuse, Grief and loss recovery, Communication, Anger management, Domestic violence, Stress anxiety and depression, Alcohol and Drug counselling, Self Esteem, Personal growth, Educational classes

Community Counsellors

  • Brief intervention and counselling
  • Alcohol and drug counselling
  • Screening and assessments
  • Referrals to treatment centers
  • Treatment follow up
  • Support groups and workshops
  • Education and information
  • Community prevention
  • Celebrating sobriety events

Nutrition Services

  • “Healthy Eating Can Be Fun” Interactive nutritious lunch program offered in Band Daycare and Head Start
  • Nutritious teachings and games – Band Daycare and Head Start
  • Diabetes luncheon and workshops
  • Youth workshops
  • Diet analysis
  • Nutrition resources
  • Grocery store tours
  • Community garden projects
  • Community kitchen projects
  • Monthly workshops
  • Individual client consultation (Diabetes, cholesterol, heart health, weight management, prenatal nutrition, arthritis, dietary supplements and gastrointestinal diseases)

Populations Served

Kwakiutl District Council member First Nations on reserve

Address / Contact Info

Kwakiutl District Council Health
1400A Drake Rd Campbell River, BCV9W 7K6
Health Director : Phyllis Jorgensen

Phone Numbers

Phone: (250) 286-9766
Toll-free: 1-866-286-9766
Fax: (250) 286-9713

Hours of Operation

Regular hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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Other Programs from This Organization

Clinical Counselling Program Provides counselling services for a variety of personal and family life challenges.
Community Counsellors Program Provides alcohol and drug counselling, support groups and workshops.
Community Health Nursing Program Integrate community involvement and knowledge about the entire population with personal, clinical understandings of the health and illness experiences of individuals and families within the population.
Community Health Representative Program Provides a variety of services, meetings, and workshops aimed at promoting health and preventing health problems.
KDC Health - Home and Community Care Program The Kwakiutl District Council Health provides assessments, case management, home care nursing, personal care, home support, and in-home respite services.
Nutrition Services Program Provides nutrition information, education, resources, workshops, and individual nutrition consultations.
Precious Beginnings Program A program based on mentoring of women at risk; mentors are well-connected to the communities and provide long-term support, practical assistance and advocacy for women who are making fundamental changes in their lives.

This program was last updated on: 18 Nov 2021.