Healthy Living Schools

Certification is offered to schools which teach students about healthy living factors which decrease their risk for cancer. Our team of Prevention Educational Leaders works with school districts to help children (and their families) understand that what they eat, their level of activity, whether they smoke, and if they protect themselves from the sun all have an impact on their health and well being.

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BC Cancer Agency Prevention Programs
Regional representation throughout BC

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Phone: (604) 877-6227
Phone: 1-800-663-3333 ext 676227
Fax: (604) 877-6212

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Other Programs from This Organization

Hi5Living / Graduation Transitions Helps teens and young adults sort through the sometimes confusing messages that they may receive about cancer from the media or their peers.
Sun Safe Daycares/Pre-Schools The Sun Safety initiative recognizes those preschool and daycare facilities in BC that have instituted measures to help protect children from harmful exposure to the sun.
Tobacco Education TEAM is a document developed for use by non healthcare front-line workers who wish to assist tobacco users with cessation.

This program was last updated on: 23 Jun 2015.